Finding Yourself

This post is directed at the (White) newbies to race realism and those just beginning to become Jew-wise.

A campaign was started in the 60s and has continued since that time for people to “find themselves”.  Did you find yourselves yet or did you instead find yourself either poor and sick, or wealthy and unhappy, even mentally sick?

Many poor Whites (check your bank balance “middle class” folks)  wasted their YOUTH, from their teen years well into their twenties on drugs, alcohol, pointless sex, television and other vapid entertainments trying to find themselves.  They wasted what could have been the most productive years of their lives on these things, thinking their youthful strength would last forever.  Instead, they find their middle-aged selves in financial crises all the time with only their booze, drugs and lottery tickets standing between them and suicide. 

Wealthier Whites did much of the same but live either on borrowed time (until mom & dad’s or grandma and grandpa’s money runs out) OR have been high functioning enough to make some money and maintain the outer appearance of gentility.  Still, they (especially the women) must take legal drugs (pharmaceuticals) every day to stay sane.  Is this what you call finding yourself?

“Finding Yourself” is Jewspeak for reject everything that your parents tried to teach you, things that have been passed down from one generation of your ancestors to the next for centuries and do what WE tell you.  WE meaning, complete strangers who declared themselves the leaders of society and who knew EVERYTHING (or so they wanted us to believe).

WHY did we listen to these strangers?  I did it too! 

I guess it doesn’t matter why.  The important thing is to fearlessly examine the fruits of listening to THEM (mostly Jews) and deciding if we want to keep going in this direction or if we want to reclaim our legacy, our ancient teachings, so we can remember who we REALLY ARE. 

And by the way, the “finding yourself” meme is only the tip of the iceberg of what “the experts” have shoved down our throats.  Another is, “we are all the same, under the skin” so we need racial diversity in our world (diverse actually means different, so we are actually being asked by our self declared experts to believe in these conflicting ideas simultaneously to fulfill their agenda-think on THAT for awhile!)

Our ancestors were what is called today “parochial”.  They came from small villages in Europe and they built small villages in the new world.  They protected their villages because villages grew out of extended families.  Perhaps sometimes the dreaded inbreeding took place but if it were a huge problem, Whites as a whole wouldn’t have been able to evolve and develop (and yes even dominate at times) faster than all other races of people. 

In Europe and in European outposts worldwide, when an outsider came to live in the village (no matter the race), they were WATCHED.  Before they were allowed in the community, they had to prove to the ingroup that they would be an asset, not a liability.  This is what is called being discriminating, much like when you upscale Whites choose organic foods so that you aren’t having a dose of poison with your meal.  You are being smart and selective so you and your family can stay healthy and viable. 

The wise villagers (likely because of bad past experiences) wanted to protect the people they loved from people who might take advantage of them in business, rape their women and girls, subvert their religious beliefs and so on.  And the wise European villagers, unknowingly, in tandem, built the beautiful, orderly, wealthy countries in Europe as well as, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (Built by White prisoners, no less!)  The proof is in the pudding.  Discrimination builds beautiful societies that people from around the world wish to live in. 

Although they are still just as clannish as we used to be, Blacks did not build civilizations like ours, not did Asians. 

But today, we are told by the experts (mostly Jews) that this smart, protective thinking and activity is MEAN SPIRITED BAD BEHAVIOR.  I won’t deal with the why in this post.  Kevin McDonald and others have explained it better than I ever could if you’d like to read up on it. 

So it’s time to examine whether “anti-racism” is in the best interests of White people.  SURE it’s great for Blacks and Asians.  Slavery and Colonialism not withstanding, overall, their contact with Whites has improved their lives, otherwise why else would they be coming into White countries IN DROVES, even risking death to do so?  But is it smart or desirable for us (the top 10% to commit racial suicide to “help” the bottom 90%)  to our own detriment?

Because it IS suicide to live among non-Whites.  You organic food eaters know this instinctively which is why, when your neighborhood get too Brown (which strangely enough coincides with your neighborhood’s higher crime rates as well as lower test scores in your schools) you move to a Whiter area of the world.  It is why you poor Whites have children who end up dressing and acting like the prevailing gang in your rapidly declining neighborhood.  They are trying to fit in.  They are protecting themselves because you wasted your youth so YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MOVE.

I’m talking to YOU Teaparty, Republican fool.  I’m talking to you, do-gooder, liberal fool.  Wake up and smell the diversity.  Be honest with yourselves for once in your pathetic life.  YOU KNOW diversity is NOT our strength.  It is the greatest tool of our destruction.

It must be stopped. 

Jewstream Media Talking Head gets stoned

Yeah with rocks!  This happened during a LIVE tv broadcast.  THEN a negro yells (something along the lines of) “We know who the real Jews are!  Naturally, they cut THAT broadcast short.

Really Jews, you ought to stand down.  Blacks are pretty aggressive when they’re angry.  Sometimes Whites are too.

I saw two men get out of a pickup truck today and the truck had an American AND a Jew flag on its antennae!  The nerve of these baby killers!  If you support baby killers, people are going to be mad at you.  Don’t blame me.  I tried to warn you.

Mindweapons Evangelize!

It is a sad time for many of us because Rob Freeman, the author of Mindweapons in Ragnarok is going to take a break from blogging to write his book. 

Still, his blog was never meant to be strictly for entertainment purposes.  The idea is to implement his ideas, so I think the timing is right for us to wean ourselves from daily blog reading and commenting and get to work.  I had come to this conclusion a while back which is why you won’t find me blogging as often as I used to.  We have plenty of material to work with now!  As you wean yourself off of Rob’s blog, you can always go back to his old posts and read again.  There’s gold in there! 

I also ask that fans fo MWs blog to pdf and even print out his best posts on paper.  The author of this Huffington Post piece seems surprised that Mindweapons in Ragnarok is even still up so I’m guessing SOMEONE is pressuring wordpress, perhaps as we speak, to take this history-making blog down.  Until Rob’s book is published, we need to keep his work circulating and accessible. 

Finally, the stats for Aryan Street are up, probably because I’m on MW’s blogroll and the haters (and hopefully some honest seekers too) want to check me out. 

Aryan Street is a spin-off of Rob’s blog.  I think his non-violent strategy for helping Whites live through the heinous plan to genocide our people (through promotion of race-mixing, feminism, homosexuality, and more) is exceptional.  I hope his non-violent strategy works.  If it doesn’t, things could get ugly.  I’m not threatening anyone.  I’m an old lady.  I just know that history will continue to repeat itself.  For the most part Whites don’t take kindly to being ground into the dirt. 

Some people might take exception to my slogan, “Taking Our World Back” so I will take a moment to explain it for the truly confused.  Taking OUR world back doesn’t mean taking YOUR world back.  At this point most White Nationalists probably would be happy to get one sliver of land to call our own.  Here in California alone there are a number of ethnic enclaves such as Chinatowns, Little Saigons, and a Little Tokyo.  These are just the enclaves I can think of, off the top of my head.  As Whites are forced (yes forced to integrate and) melt into the soup that is “America” we must have a  Little Europe so that we may preserve OUR way of life.  It is imperative.  ALSO, since soon we will not be the majority sub-species of humans in the U.S. we will need to have our own exclusive networks where we may exchange information and share resources,  just as the so-called minorities (some of whom are very wealthy I might add) do.  We are strangers in this land now.  One drive around the City of Los Angeles should hammer this point home to you dumb Whities who don’t get it yet. 

By the way, going “back to Europe” isn’t the answer because Europe too, our former homeland, is being deluged with non-Whites.  We need a place of our own and we need it now.

Until next time!

BAD ASS Baby boomers stand STRONG in Murrieta.  I’m tired of WNs falling for the divide and conquer tactic of turning us against our elders.  You may be a smart racist but have you ever stood in front of a bus to keep illegals out of your town?  Me neither.  Lets give credit where credit is due.  These folks are pretty impressive. Also, I did a live audio interview with two women who helped make history in Murietta and one of them said that one of the reasons they did so well in Murietta is that the local cops did not want to stand against their own townspeople.  This is GREAT!

You guys ought to get out to some of this stuff.  It’s fun and enlightening. Remember your hat and sunglasses so you don’t lose your job.

Liberal States of Maryland and Connecticut Refuse to Take Illegal Immigrants

Maureen Martin, Aryan Street:

Some days the good news just keeps coming!

Originally posted on American Glob:

Liberals are the first ones to insist that America throw open its borders to the thousands of people who are surging into the country but in typical form, they want someone else to handle the problem.

Connecticut is one of the bluest blue states in New England. Here’s their position…

Connecticut rejects request to house illegal children

Connecticut officials have rejected a federal request to temporarily house up to 2,000 immigrant children from Central America at a mostly-vacant facility built for developmentally disabled adults.

The Republican-American reports the New England office of the U.S. General Services Administration has inquired about leasing space at the Southbury Training School.

The federal government planned to cover all expenses, including building maintenance.

Patrick M. O’Brien, assistant director of the state’s Bureau of Assets Management, emailed back Monday, rejecting the request.

Maryland governor Martin O’Malley wants nothing to do with them either…

Maryland Governor: Immigrants…

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