Stuff White Men Do.

Benjamin Olewine III offered to cover all of Melissa Mainier’s nursing school bills.  After turning him down twice, she finally accepted.  He has paid over $30k so far and is encouraging her to get her master’s degree in nursing.  He will pay for that too.

I’m pretty sure Olewine is White because as far as I can tell, he wants nothing in return from this young woman.  Apparently besides being a philanthropist donating to Harrisburg’s PinnacleHealth Spine, Bone & Joint Institutes and the culinary arts program at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, he regularly helps young people like Melissa. 

From the article, “Olewine is the third of four generations to be involved in the food service industry and continue his family’s tradition of giving back to the community. His father ran a grocery store in the middle of the Great Depression and would often provide food for those in need. The business grew over the years and was handed over to Olewine to run before it was consolidated and sold to Sysco Foods in the late ’80s.”

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HA! Not the White Guy


Once again it’s not a White man causing trouble. Now that we’ve found out that it’s a Mohammed, we probably won’t hear much more about this.

I couldn’t even tell at first if he was a Mexican or….? Only his first name gave him away.

It’s funny.  I’ll bet if various mystery meat people from around the world (“Arabs”, “Mexicans”, SE Asians, “American Indians”) had their DNA tested, they would find that their DNA made them as genetically close as 4th cousins, much like Blacks and Bonobo Monkeys .  Alright, I’m exaggerating but not by much. 

Anywho, even though Islam is only practiced by around 0.6% of the total population of the United States, they are in the news, A LOT.

But it’s not THEIR fault, it’s the guns’ faults.  Guns just go around shooting people, especially when they find themselves in brown hands.  It’s uncanny.



Retired White Workers in Europe Treated Like $hit!

Pensioners in the UK are going to be told their life expectancy by government workers so they don’t blow all their money too early.

THIS after inviting millions of non-Whites to come live in the UK, lowering wages and raising taxes for citizens there.

Ah but you see, old White people don’t give us vibrant enrichment like Asian child prostitution rings do.  And Hussein needs a house for his new wife so suck it White Man.



I CANNOT find the photo again (perhaps it has been removed) but this hairy beast of a female posted a photo of herself on instagram for all the world to see.  It was her Brown self, breastfeeding her two children and her big brown stomach with hair all over it is prominent as are her veiny breasts with kids latched on.

And she’s upset because after posting this for all the world to see, everyone doesn’t think she is beautiful.  She says that those of use who were disgusted to see her hairy belly (shave that thing!) and so on have something wrong with us because we like things to be PERFECT,  She goes on to tell how HER BODY is the one that makes stinky, sweating sex with her husband as if that makes everything ok.  She’s REAL, she says.  Ugly is the new REAL and he rest of us are FAKE I guess.  Lol.

Well I’ve got news for you Brownie.  You can’t MAKE people like your body type.  Whites in particular are going to find your browness and your hairiness unattractive.  And knowing that you have smelly sex with your husband only makes it worse.

We are in an upside-down world where these monsters hate us for loving beauty.  Perhaps our definition of beauty is different from their definition but it’s ours and we are born with it and this coupled with our desire for order has helped create the beautiful civilizations we (and the brown races) enjoy today. 

And of course, us White women might get a bit unattractive during pregnancy (and illness and old age) but we do our best to mitigate it, to stay as pretty as we can.  We shave, pluck, wax or electronically remove unwanted hair.  We try to lose excess weight.  Whatever we can’t fix we COVER UP.  The best of us do anyway.  It’s the right thing to do for ourselves, our men and our society. 

I LIKE living in a beautiful world.  It’s why I live near the beach.  It’s why people go to fancy hotels and resorts and visit the mountains.  It’s beauty we crave.  If you went to a hotel and it was dirty and stinky and falling apart, would you sigh with relief and say, this is so great!  It’s so REAL!  Or would you get the hell out of there? 

So if you insist on putting your ugly brown body on display for the world, don’t be surprised if you get some negative feedback.  We really just don’t like ugly.  And you can’t make us!


Action for WNs OR Happy as Kings


It seems that there are a number of WNs who, while well-meaning, have developed some bad habits. They are habits that plague “society” as a whole but if we are to have better lives, personally and as a group, we must strive to do better.

The habits I am thinking of include, but are not limited to, excessive reading of news stories (internet articles, blogs or even in newspapers), endless watching of sports or other vapid entertainments, drug or alcohol abuse, silly electronic games etc. A little diversion to pass the time isn’t always a bad thing but it can be when carrried to the extreme. Personally, I became what I call an “information whore” for a while, reading and commenting on blogs until my eyeballs bled! Kidding! But seriously it was pretty ridiculous.

Being informed is a good thing but without action of some sort, it is rather pointless. There are so many better things we can be doing with our time than obsessing on “news and jews” or other even less acceptable practices. Not only that but most of these habits have negative side-effects such as bringing on depression, wasting money, ruining our health (through too much sitting) and so on.

Following are a few ideas of things you might do rather than while away another 3 hours playing World of Warcraft or Flappy Bird (REALLY? Flappy Bird?) Don’t be like me and get overwhelmed. Don’t try to do them all! Just pick one and work on it every day. Oh! And you say you don’t have any money? There are tons of tutorials and resources online.  The library has books too.  Pick something free if you need to.

1. Learn a new language.  I’m thinking Russian might be good but you choose!

2. Learn a martial art.

3. Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Last I checked the USG was only grabbing guns, not crossbows.

4. Learn to cook.  Impress your friends!

5. Learn to sew.  Learn to re-work used clothing.  Okay, too much?  Learn to sew on a button or sew up a ripped hem.  It’s not hard at all!

6. Write a European pride song or a song about our struggles. It may become popular sooner than you think.  A friend told me that free Fruity Loops software can help you record and edit your music.

7. Volunteer for a political party. One of the evil ones, just for the learning experience. OR join the party for European Americans, The American Freedom Party. They can use help organizing in your community.  And it’s a great way to meet like-minded friends.

8.  Learn computer hacking.  Not to do anything illegal of course.  You could use this skill to protect your own websites, emails etc. and those of other activists.  If you get really good at it, you could probably turn it into a side job.  There is probably a book at your local library about it.  Mine has it.

9.  Spread the Mantra online.  Just don’t get side-tracked and start reading a bunch of stuff.  (Yeah, I did that.)

10.  Plan and start a garden.  No yard?  See if you can borrow someone else’s.  Ask first. 

11.  Stock up on survival food.

12.  Learn about money, investing, business etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  We are in the information age and there’s no reason for us to be bored.  It reminds me of a verse by Robert Louis Stevenson: 

The world is so full of a number of things,
     I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.


Let’s be happy and productive White Europeans for ourselves, for our families and our race.

The Manufacture of Fred Phelps


By Francis Carr Begbie at The Occidental Observer

The news that Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church fame is on his deathbed has triggered an orgy of ecstatic gloating in the liberal media. Anyone doubting that the left is a movement of hatred should read the loathing that spews out of numerous blog posts and commentaries.

But how did an eccentric Kansas pastor with a tiny congregation become raised up as a hate symbol of the backward White population?  The answer is that Fred Phelps was a creation of the liberal media just as boy bands are read more here.