“Liberals” Are Trying to Make Us Unhappy

girls(1)This post is dedicated to all you other “anti-racist””liberals”.

Let’s look at the happiest ten countries in the world for 2013, according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.  Oh and just for $hits and giggles, lets put the percentage of White people (according to Wikipedia-taken from the countries’ official stats*) in the country next to the entry.

1.  Denmark          89.6%

2.  Norway             at least 86%  Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

3.  Switzerland       at least 76.7%  Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

4.  Netherlands      80.9%

5.  Sweden             at least 80% Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

6.  Canada             76.7%

7.  Finland              Close to 100%

8.  Austria               at least 81%  Probably more because many of the foreigners are White too

9.  Iceland                94%

10. Australia            85%

Okay, so as you can see, the one thing these counties have in common is that their residents  are majority EUROPEAN.

Let’s look at the bottom of the list now.  In fairness, it appears that only 156 countries were included in this study.

156.  Togo

155.  Benin

154.  Central African Republic

153.  Burundi

152.  Rwanda

151.  Tanzania

150.  Guinea

149.  Comoros

148.  Syria

147.  Senegal

south africa

South Africa, 2010

As you can see, most if not all these unhappy countries have pretty much ZERO Europeans living in them.  It is indisputable that, As Bob Whitaker says, “Brown countries are poor countries”.  And we all know that although money doesn’t BUY happiness, no one aspires to be poor and happy because well, we know prosperity is better.  Duh.

So why DO “liberals” insist we take in wave after wave these poor, unhappy people?  WhyBecause they want Whites to be unhappy.  They want our countries to be Brown, Poor and Unhappy.  What kind of crap is that?


For those of you with an ear to hear (or eyes to read), this is all about Competition.  Jew and White anti-racists are not our friends, fellow citizens “working together for a better world”.  They are making a better world for THEMSELVES by making slaves of poor, unhappy, brown immigrants.  The immigrants (for the most part) just aren’t smart enough to see it for what it is) SHAME ON YOU “LIBERALS”.

That’s why in California, one of the leading states in diversityisourstrength, all the upper-middle class and rich Whites and Jews have (mostly) brown nannies, housekeepers, car washers, cooks in their restaurants, janitors in their businesses etc. because They LOVE their little brown slaves.  And we Whites that want to survive WITHOUT taking advantage of the brown people, are in their way and must be neutralized.

A pox on you ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-HUMAN SCUM.  You are the most vicious, evil bitches on the planet.

If you feel guilty for being White (or “Jew-White”), “Liberal” (and you anti-racist conservatards too), instead of trying to make ME unhappy, why don’t you kill YOURSELF and get it over with?

PS.  I’m pretty sure most of the happiest countries were never SLAVE countries nor have they been colonizers.  Just goes to show, it is best for Europeans to be ALONE.

*Please note that the stats for each country may be from different years.  Please don’t be a retard and miss the point of the article by nitpicking the numbers.  This post intends only to give a general idea of who is living in these countries. 

Canadian Immigration Minister is a Coward

Sign says, “If mass immigration produces jobs, why did Ontario Lose over 300,000 manufacturing jobs alone in the last decade.

Hat tip-Paul Fromm

Aryan Skynet is aware and active!  A small, peaceful group of White Advocates with signs frightened Chris Alexander, Immigration Minister, AKA White Genocider and his staff from his office on Monday.  Chris was heard saying, “My gosh White people are scary.  Maybe things would be easier in Ferguson, Missouri.”  Okay, I made that part up.  Still, isn’t it crazy that even though there was a heavy police presence shadowing these protesters, this guy felt scared enough that he had to sneak away from his office?

These genociders must sense somehow that their time is limited.

Read more and see more photos here.


Are WN men trying to hold White Women down?

I have been a White Nationalist for almost 5 years and I have had great experiences with almost all the men I have met.  They have encouraged me to do anything I could to stop White genocide.  They have asked me to speak at meetings, asked for my opinions, encouraged my writing and thanked me for my efforts.  They few men that I have dealt with that were too angry or short sighted to feel they ould work with me (and in some cases, it may have even been my personality rather than my gender that was the problem) I just moved away from or laughed at.

I always keep in mind that some of our men have been deeply hurt by the women they have loved and they haven’t gotten past it yet.  I also recognize that I am not suited to every job that we might need to have done.  I don’t trouble myself about such thngs but rather align myself with people of various strengths and try to connect these various players together, as well.

I want a White Homeland more than I want any more rights than I already have.  That is why I am not a feminist.


qI don’t spend a lot of time on the topic of feminism.  The reason for this is I find that the Jew Shrews, for their own nefarious purposes have ALREADY achieved enough equality for me and almost every woman in Western Civilization.  I can do SO many things in this world if I’m willing to get off my arse and do them.  I can run a business, write a book, have babies (or not) vote, run for office etc.  Why in the hell would I spend time fighting with my WN brothers on the internet when I can do almost anything I want???

Do I owe a debt of gratitude to the Jew Shrews who obtained (With the total  permission AND COMISSION of the power elite) this freedom for me?  Most definately not!  Women have only been encouraged along these lines with the objective of destroying the institution of the Family.  

However, since I am too old to have any more children, I am not above using my freedoms to help my people to surv

ive this current attempt to genocide us.  So I plan to use my intelligent Aryan mind, not ton tear down our men, but to build them up.  I also plan to use my creativity and persistence to make money that can be used for good pupose for my extended family and our cause.  



Finding Yourself

This post is directed at the (White) newbies to race realism and those just beginning to become Jew-wise.

A campaign was started in the 60s and has continued since that time for people to “find themselves”.  Did you find yourselves yet or did you instead find yourself either poor and sick, or wealthy and unhappy, even mentally sick?

Many poor Whites (check your bank balance “middle class” folks)  wasted their YOUTH, from their teen years well into their twenties on drugs, alcohol, pointless sex, television and other vapid entertainments trying to find themselves.  They wasted what could have been the most productive years of their lives on these things, thinking their youthful strength would last forever.  Instead, they find their middle-aged selves in financial crises all the time with only their booze, drugs and lottery tickets standing between them and suicide. 

Wealthier Whites did much of the same but live either on borrowed time (until mom & dad’s or grandma and grandpa’s money runs out) OR have been high functioning enough to make some money and maintain the outer appearance of gentility.  Still, they (especially the women) must take legal drugs (pharmaceuticals) every day to stay sane.  Is this what you call finding yourself?

“Finding Yourself” is Jewspeak for reject everything that your parents tried to teach you, things that have been passed down from one generation of your ancestors to the next for centuries and do what WE tell you.  WE meaning, complete strangers who declared themselves the leaders of society and who knew EVERYTHING (or so they wanted us to believe).

WHY did we listen to these strangers?  I did it too! 

I guess it doesn’t matter why.  The important thing is to fearlessly examine the fruits of listening to THEM (mostly Jews) and deciding if we want to keep going in this direction or if we want to reclaim our legacy, our ancient teachings, so we can remember who we REALLY ARE. 

And by the way, the “finding yourself” meme is only the tip of the iceberg of what “the experts” have shoved down our throats.  Another is, “we are all the same, under the skin” so we need racial diversity in our world (diverse actually means different, so we are actually being asked by our self declared experts to believe in these conflicting ideas simultaneously to fulfill their agenda-think on THAT for awhile!)

Our ancestors were what is called today “parochial”.  They came from small villages in Europe and they built small villages in the new world.  They protected their villages because villages grew out of extended families.  Perhaps sometimes the dreaded inbreeding took place but if it were a huge problem, Whites as a whole wouldn’t have been able to evolve and develop (and yes even dominate at times) faster than all other races of people. 

In Europe and in European outposts worldwide, when an outsider came to live in the village (no matter the race), they were WATCHED.  Before they were allowed in the community, they had to prove to the ingroup that they would be an asset, not a liability.  This is what is called being discriminating, much like when you upscale Whites choose organic foods so that you aren’t having a dose of poison with your meal.  You are being smart and selective so you and your family can stay healthy and viable. 

The wise villagers (likely because of bad past experiences) wanted to protect the people they loved from people who might take advantage of them in business, rape their women and girls, subvert their religious beliefs and so on.  And the wise European villagers, unknowingly, in tandem, built the beautiful, orderly, wealthy countries in Europe as well as, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (Built by White prisoners, no less!)  The proof is in the pudding.  Discrimination builds beautiful societies that people from around the world wish to live in. 

Although they are still just as clannish as we used to be, Blacks did not build civilizations like ours, not did Asians. 

But today, we are told by the experts (mostly Jews) that this smart, protective thinking and activity is MEAN SPIRITED BAD BEHAVIOR.  I won’t deal with the why in this post.  Kevin McDonald and others have explained it better than I ever could if you’d like to read up on it. 

So it’s time to examine whether “anti-racism” is in the best interests of White people.  SURE it’s great for Blacks and Asians.  Slavery and Colonialism not withstanding, overall, their contact with Whites has improved their lives, otherwise why else would they be coming into White countries IN DROVES, even risking death to do so?  But is it smart or desirable for us (the top 10% to commit racial suicide to “help” the bottom 90%)  to our own detriment?

Because it IS suicide to live among non-Whites.  You organic food eaters know this instinctively which is why, when your neighborhood get too Brown (which strangely enough coincides with your neighborhood’s higher crime rates as well as lower test scores in your schools) you move to a Whiter area of the world.  It is why you poor Whites have children who end up dressing and acting like the prevailing gang in your rapidly declining neighborhood.  They are trying to fit in.  They are protecting themselves because you wasted your youth so YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MOVE.

I’m talking to YOU Teaparty, Republican fool.  I’m talking to you, do-gooder, liberal fool.  Wake up and smell the diversity.  Be honest with yourselves for once in your pathetic life.  YOU KNOW diversity is NOT our strength.  It is the greatest tool of our destruction.

It must be stopped. 

Jewstream Media Talking Head gets stoned

Yeah with rocks!  This happened during a LIVE tv broadcast.  THEN a negro yells (something along the lines of) “We know who the real Jews are!  Naturally, they cut THAT broadcast short.

Really Jews, you ought to stand down.  Blacks are pretty aggressive when they’re angry.  Sometimes Whites are too.

I saw two men get out of a pickup truck today and the truck had an American AND a Jew flag on its antennae!  The nerve of these baby killers!  If you support baby killers, people are going to be mad at you.  Don’t blame me.  I tried to warn you.